Roulette Order 1 Eat 35

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Most player roulette is recommended, away from the window 1 number. This is very low. However, a set of 1 eat up to 35 times and ignore it all the time, it is very expensive. Should you organize a number by so as not to lose innocent money and high money security x35? Today's article will answer this question of you.

Instructions for Roulette program 1 specific number 1 to 35

Basic Science:

Roulette tactic when players put money on a number of tools can be called Andrucci tactics. Developed on the basis of science: disorder management.

According to this theory, the analysts point out that if time progresses infinity (ie, spinning continuously never stops) then each number on the turntable will have the same number of times the ball is rolled in.

How to choose a Roulette bet according to Andrucci's strategy

Tactical players Andrucci will notice that certain numbers on the dial will have a much higher frequency than others in a short period of time. Some specific numbers can appear up to 8 times in every 35 spins.
Players Andrucci will compile statistics on the results of the rolling ball of each round and from there find out the number with a high frequency of returning results. And will bet on this door.

Bet example of the Andrucci strategy

  • You will watch the Roulette wheel spin 30 betting rounds without placing any money
  • Note the results of each round.
  • See the number 11 with the most frequency

=> Put the number 11 in the next 35 rounds

How is Andrucci bet true?

  • The player has upholstery a certain amount of capital. Not suitable for people who are thin, new to play.
  • The total bet for all 35 games is not more than 50% of the total bet.
  • Each bet should split the bet small. Do not bet more than 3% of the total risk budget
  • Know how to stop at the right time. When you have won 1 game or up to 2 games and there is a profit. Should stop playing. As the game continues, the probability of winning will continue to drop greatly.


Casino betting brothers should still stick to a slow but steady winning strategy. Should only play with the Andrucci risky method when you have plenty of money on hand. Capable of accepting risks only.

New players that are already thin should definitely not try it. If you book a little, you don't expect to win. If you book a lot, you can not stand the capital, so it is best not to place it.